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Bhadra combines her education, experience as an empath, and intuitive abilities to help you work through your feelings, manage your sensitivity, and maintain balance in your life. 

She utilizes various methods including but not limited to traditional counseling, mindfulness, breathwork, angelic energy healing, sound healing, aromatherapy, and crystals.


In your first session, you'll spend some time getting to know each other.  You'll share what you're hoping to achieve, and what brought you to Bhadra, and then you'll begin the journey together.

Intuitive Empath Counseling & Mentorship

EmpathSpiritual Counseling BHH2B.png

Sessions typically last 60 minutes.  

Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

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Energy healing is a gentle yet powerful ancient healing technique that uses the universal life force energy to promote healing.  Angelic energy healing brings forth the vibrations and energy of the angelic realm.

A session with Bhadra is a light-touch or no-touch, fully clothed experience.  Bhadra works primarily in your energy field or aura


Energy healing can help you to heal from physical, emotional, and mental obstacles.

It's helpful for stress reduction and relaxation; chronic pain relief; depression and anxiety; strengthening immunity; preventative care; energizing and revitalizing, and emotional balance.  Angelic Reiki Energy healing is not a replacement for traditional medical care or treatments. 

Bhadra uses her intuition to help guide her to where the energy is needed most.  She focuses on relaxation, peace, cleaning and clearing your aura/energy field, balancing chakras, and helping you gently release any trauma or energy blocks.  She utilizes crystals, essential oils, or other divination tools as part of the healing session.  If any of these are not of interest to you, just let her know at the start of the session. 


It's common during or after a session, to experience emotional or physical releases. This could manifest as crying, laughing, taking deep breaths, sighing, a floating sensation, increased deep relaxation, or an enhanced sense of balance, peace, and calm.  It's also normal not to experience any of these things.  Energy healing and what is experienced during a healing session are different for everyone.  And whatever your experience, is exactly right and perfect for you at that time.

Sessions typically last 60 minutes unless otherwise specified. 

Crystal Consultation

Are you moving to a new home? Getting a new job? Having trouble sleeping? Getting married or having a baby? Dealing with depression, sadness, or anxiety? Studying for a big exam? Want information about Moon rituals? Whatever the situation, crystals, and essential oils can help!

With a crystal consultation, Bhadra will share with you what crystals and essential oils can support you in creating balance, peace, and harmony in any setting or in any situation.  

Crystal Consultation1.png

You'll fill out a form when booking, then schedule a 30-minute consultation with Bhadra where she will provide you with your crystal consultation report.  You will receive information on which crystals to use, their meaning and attributes, and how to use them for your particular situation.  The report will also include pictures of each crystal recommended, links to reputable online crystal stores, and additional information about essential oils you can use to amplify and support the energetic attributes of the crystals.  Each consultation comes with a free custom essential oil blend for your particular situation.   You may also add on a custom-made crystal bracelet for an additional charge.  The report is emailed prior to the scheduled consultation and the essential oil is mailed to you afterwards.

Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Reading1.png

Oracle card readings are only offered to existing clients. 

Bhadra does not currently offer this as a stand-alone service to anyone who has not had at least one healing session with her.

If you are an existing client you can purchase this service via the "Book a Session" button below. 

At the time of booking you will fill out a form sharing your questions and/or the situation you want the reading on.

You will then schedule an hour session with Bhadra to take place via phone.  She will call you on the number you provided when booking to go over your reading. You can ask any additional questions that arise during the scheduled session. 

Animal Reiki Healing

As an energy and crystal healing practitioner, Bhadra is able to offer these healing modalities to your pets as well.   Animals typically respond very well to energy healing. 

Animal energy healing can help with all types of illnesses, injuries, and emotional/behavioral problems. 


Please keep in mind, animal energy healing is not a substitute for traditional veterinarian medications or services, but rather an accompaniment to those traditional healing methods. 

Healing Website.jpg

An animal healing session happens in much the same way as a healing session you would schedule for yourself.  Before the session, you will discuss, with Bhadra, your reason for scheduling a healing session for your pet and what you hope to achieve.  The healing session will include angelic reiki energy, crystal layouts, or both depending on the reason for the healing. 


Because animals are very sensitive to healing energy, the length of the actual healing will depend on your pet, however, typically lasts between 25 and 30 minutes.  The whole session, our discussion(s), and the healing lasts 45-60 minutes. 

Animal energy healing sessions are offered remotely.

Custom Essential Oil Blend 

Custom Essential Oil Blend1.png

Much like the Crystal Consultation service, in a customized Essential Oil blending session, you work one-on-one with Bhadra to create a customized blend for any situation or event happening in your life.  

Fill out the form at the time of booking then schedule a 30-minute consultation to go over your needs.  Bhadra will energetically tune in and intuitively create a customized blend that she will mail to you within 48 hours of your consultation.  

This service can be added to any other service, except animal reiki.

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What to Expect During a Session:

Remote sessions:

All initial sessions are done via Zoom.  After your first session, you may choose to switch to sessions done via phone, if you prefer.  Please set aside an hour of uninterrupted time, preferably in a comfortable and quiet setting for these sessions.  Please make sure you aren't driving during any scheduled phone, or zoom healing session. 

In a Zoom session, we will connect live via the private and secure Zoom platform and remain connected for the duration of the session. You will receive the Zoom link sent to the email you provided when you book your appointment.

In a phone session, Bhadra will call you at the number you provided when scheduling your appointment:

  • For Counseling, Energy Healing, and Consultations: We will remain connected via phone for the duration of the session. 

Animal Healings:

  • We will connect via Zoom/phone to discuss your pet's needs for the healing session.  You will need to provide me with a photo of your pet prior to the scheduled healing session (can be sent via email or text). 

  • We will then disconnect for the actual healing session, you will have your pet, if possible, inside your home in a comfortable and quiet location.  There's no need to ensure your pet is completely still, however, it will be helpful if they are not in a playful or excited state during the session time.  Bhadra will begin the healing and then re-connect with you, via Zoom/phone, once the healing is completed, approximately 25-30 minutes later, to discuss the healing and answer any questions.  

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