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Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

Tulsi combines her professional qualifications with her natural intuitive abilities to help you work through whatever is troubling you.  


She utilizes various methods including but not limited to traditional counseling, mindfulness, breathwork, guided relaxation techniques and visualizations, reiki, and aromatherapy.

In your first session, we'll spend some time getting to know each other.  You'll share what you're hoping to achieve, and what brought you to Tulis, and then you'll begin the journey together. 

Sessions are remote and last 60 minutes.

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What to Expect During a Session:

Remote sessions:

All initial sessions are done via Zoom.  After your first session, you may choose to switch to sessions done via phone, if you prefer.  Please set aside an hour of uninterrupted time, preferably in a comfortable and quiet setting for these sessions.  Please make sure you aren't driving during any scheduled phone, or zoom healing/counseling session. 

In a Zoom session, we will connect live via the private and secure Zoom platform and remain connected for the duration of the session. You will receive the Zoom link sent to the email you provide when you book your appointment.

In a phone session, Tulsi will call you at the number you provided when scheduling your appointment, and you will remain connected via phone for the duration of your session. ​

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