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Goddess of the Month: Brigid

Fiery Arrow; The Bright One; Lady of the Shores; The Ashless Flame; Moon Crowned Queen of the Undying Flame

Brigid is a great goddess of healing, music, poetry, prophecy, and smithcraft. She is the matron of artisans, artists, and livestock. She presides over the production of ale, protects women in childbirth, and can be petitioned for assistance in fertility. Brigid has dominion over wisdom, education, and learning. She is widely associated with sacred fires and holy wells.

She is a symbol of Ireland and among the most beloved spirits of the 21st century. Brigid is a master shapeshifter. She can change the physical form in which she manifests and transforms herself to meet the needs of those who venerate her.

Thankfully Brigid was never forgotten or suppressed, nor was she demoted to the status of Fairy Queen or tragic heroine as many of her fellow goddesses were. Instead, Brigid was able to make the transition to Christianity, evolving into Saint Brigid. When the Scots and Irish indentured servants were transported to the Caribbean, she further evolved into Madame Brigitte.

Brigid being the mother of invention, allegedly created the first whistle intended as a night alarm to keep women safe from sexual assault. Whistles may be blown during rituals to Brigid to invoke her assistance.

Brigid’s feast day is Imbolc or February 1. Imbolc is traditionally celebrated on February 1 and is a festival of new beginnings and Brigid’s birthday. Brigid may also be venerated on February 13.

Imbolc has been celebrated in Ireland for many years. This holiday celebrates and always coincides with Ireland's traditional lambing season.

Brigid favors poets, writers, midwives, artisans, snake charmers, and smiths.

Animals associated with Brigid are white bulls, a white cow with red ears, horses, wolves, pigs, swans, vultures, and snakes.

Brigid may manifest as any phase of womanhood, maiden, matron, or crone. She can also manifest as a column of fire or as a woman with a pillar of fire emerging from her head. She can also appear in the form of a snake. Brigid is associated with the elements of fire and water.

If you wish to create an altar or venerate Brigid here are some of her favorite offerings:

  • Blackberries

  • Eggs

  • Ale

  • Works of creative inspiration

  • Coins

Light candles in her honor and place a cake outside your window as an offering to Brigid on Imbolc eve.

A bit of information about Madame Brigitte:

Also known as Brigid (in Ireland) and Mother Bridget (in New Orleans), Madame Brigitte’s origins are from Haiti, and she is known as the Queen of the Cemetery and Spirit World. She is married to Baron Samedi and can be petitioned to intercede if he frightens you.

Madame Brigitte was carried to New Orleans by Haitian refugees where she is still venerated to this day. She can be invoked to protect children serving in the military, for healing, or for financial prosperity. She also serves as a judge in the Court of Spirits and can be invoked for justice in any realm, success in court cases, and legal issues.

If you wish to petition or venerate Madame Brigitte, do so alongside her husband, Baron Samedi. Here are some of Madame Brigitte’s favorite offerings:

  • Violets and purple irises

  • Black coffee

  • Rum with steeped small very hot red peppers

  • Small very hot red peppers

  • Red wine

  • Nine purple eggplants

  • Black beans and rice

  • Cornbread or roasted corn


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