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Goddess of the Month: Sarasvati

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

The Flowing One; The Flowering One

Sarasvati was a river spirit with dominion over fertility, procreation, and purification. She retains those powers but has evolved into a matron of literature and wisdom, too. Sarasvati sponsors learning and creative sciences. She is the goddess of music. A generous spirit, she is the giver of all beautiful things. Sarasvati is invoked frequently in the Rig Veda, an ancient Indian sacred hymn composed approximately 1200 BCE.

Sarasvati favors musicians, writers, and students. She also loves librarians and archivists. Students often invoke her assistance prior to academic exams.

Sarasvati wears the crescent moon upon her forehead and may be recognized by her dazzling white skin and vivid clothing. Her four arms show that her power extends in all directions.

She is usually depicted seated on her lotus blossom throne accompanied by her white swan, the bird that in Hindu mythology can distinguish between substance and illusion, truth and falsehood. She may also be venerated in the form of books, inkwells, pens, and musical instruments.

Sarasvati holds a book formed from palm leaves in one hand and either a string of prayer beads or pearls in another hand. Her other two hands play the veena, an Indian-stringed musical instrument.

Sarasvati’s answers to petitions may come in the form of artistic inspiration.

Her sacred bird and vehicle are the Swan, and her sacred creature is the Lizard. Her element is fresh water, planet is the Moon, and day of the week is Sunday.

The Vasant Panchami is the festival honoring Sarasvati. If you wish to honor Sarasvati here are the offerings she likes: fruit, flowers, and incense.


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