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Moon Phases of February 2023

Full Moon

February 5: Leo Full Snow Moon in Cancer occurs at 10:29 AM PST

February's Leo Snow Moon is called a Snow Moon because it occurs during the coldest month of the year. This Full moon is all about change and transition.

The Leo Full Moon carries with it a heart-centered vibration to inspire our confidence and help us push forward. Keep in mind one of Leo’s deeper teachings of simplicity – in this Full Moon Leo is asking us to come back to what is truly meaningful to us and connected with the heart.

Under this Full Moon give yourself permission to shake off the past year and put yourself center stage! Do the things you love, do the things that make you feel special, take a moment to find out what IS truly meaningful to you…and have FUN!

We are being asked to return to ourselves and shine our inner light brightly for the whole world to see. There is no shrinking under this Full Moon. Step forward. Own your life. Be authentic and own who you are. Be proud of where you stand and how far you’ve come.

New Moon

February 20: Pisces New Moon occurs at 11:06 PM PST.

The New Moon in Pisces is a good time for us to commit to our personal goals, take a leap of faith, accept imperfections in ourselves and others, utilize our imagination and visualization skills for manifesting, consciously make time for peaceful and rejuvenating activities, and sharing our dreams with your loved ones.

This new moon is always a magical time for new beginnings, planting the seeds of our dreams so they can manifest fully in the future, and honoring and acknowledging our growth since the previous new moon.




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