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Moon Phases of January 2023

Full Moon

January 6: Full Wolf Moon in Cancer occurs at 3:08 PST

This is the first full moon of the new year and is referred to as the Full Wolf Moon. It’s also called the Ice Moon, Old Moon, and Moon after Yule. This January Full Moon heralds a time of change, transformation, and introspection. This is the time to figure out what you need to have a successful, fulfilling life. It’s also a time of noticing what’s missing and finding truth in what you truly long for. It’s about finding your personal truth and discovering your purpose and how it relates to the collective and society as a whole.

The Wolf Moon represents the final ending of cycles ahead of new beginnings and moves toward new light and opportunities as the days grow longer. The Wolf Moon is a reminder that no one can get by without the support of their chosen ‘pack’ in life. This year, the Wolf Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer, the sensitive and emotional nurturer. Because Cancer is ruled by the moon you can expect to feel more in tune with your sympathetic, intuitive and spiritual side during this Full Moon. This Full Moon reminds us to learn how to better utilize our emotional support system and to reach out when we need support.

The Full Wolf Moon brings an opportunity to deepen or reawaken our connection to our intuition and our innate knowing. Use this time to tune into your intuition for answers.

With Mercury in retrograde during this full moon, you may find it difficult to express yourself clearly and communicate your boundaries. This Full Moon is all about balancing your private and public life, your commitment to your work, and your family. Identify and get rid of old patterns and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from your true dreams and desires.

New Moon

January 21: New Snow Moon occurs at 2:53 PST.

January’s first New Moon of the year brings a sense of optimism, helping you to release your fears and become more positive. This new moon brings with it a healthy sense of self-esteem and allows you to begin trusting your ability to make sound decisions. It will also help to align your thoughts with your goals.

This new moon is a powerful time of new beginnings, and emotional stability, as it’s the first New Moon of the New Year. So, it ushers in a magical opportunity of giving us a fresh start. It’s also a great time to remove any negativity you’ve been feeling in your life, as this new moon has the power to keep negative energies from entering your life at this time.

This January New Snow Moon is telling us:

  • We can start all over again

  • Be optimistic about the year ahead

  • Shine your light in the world

  • Have confidence in your abilities

  • Don’t stop making plans and taking action

  • Never give up

  • Spirituality is key in 2023

  • Stay positive




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