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Numerology of 2023: A 7 Univeral Year

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

A Universal Year number tells you what areas of life and what themes will be important for you for the year. It’s also a big influence on all of humanity. A Universal Year can be impactful and symbolizes what type of energy the collective will be focused on for the year.

A Universal Year 7 is analytical, intuitive, logical, spiritual, and self-reflective; it's a year of faith and philanthropy.

This year will bring a collective effort in refocusing on our individual spiritual practices. Dive into your current spiritual practices or begin thinking about the practices you want to be doing in 2023 and set your intentions toward your own personal development.

The energy of 7 isn’t about achieving more, instead, it will feel slow, (perhaps at times unmoving), introspective, and highly spiritual. This number holds restful energy, yet lots will be going on under the surface: deep healing, personal paradigm shifts, and the working out of problems. Consciously try to align with this energy, by doing things more slowly than you typically would on an everyday level, to let your body and mind know it’s safe to do all this deep inner work.

This year everyone will be thinking on a deeper level. The Universal 7 energy favors self-inquiry and introspection. This is a year to trust your inner guidance and wisdom. The 7 is focused on deeper spiritual truths and it’s all about you, not anybody else.

There’s no better year than a 7 to strengthen or begin your spiritual practice. You don’t need to make your spiritual practices hard work – there are many options to explore. Find what works best for you and commit to a daily practice. You can try, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, journaling, moon rituals, energetic healing, etc.

As issues arise in 2023, look for deeper solutions. Small talk and brushing things under the rug to ignore them or deal with them later is not going to work with the energies of 2023. Ask questions (what patterns are you seeing that are familiar to you? What is the root cause of a situation?), and probe deeper. The energy of 7 is highly analytical and can activate the mind to help you get to real, lasting solutions and answers.

During this year of 7, the greatest gift you can give yourself throughout the year is the gift of space. With all the deep, below-the-surface healing and changes happening, allow yourself this gift of space – space from people, routines, and even work. The 7 energy can make you feel like isolating at times, see this as your reminder and sign to give yourself this gift, so the feeling of isolation doesn’t become overwhelming and all-encompassing. Go ahead and book that spa day for yourself, plan a mini staycation and send your family away (maybe a weekend trip without you), or book yourself a hotel for a night and escape the kids! This is not selfish or indulgent behavior, in fact giving yourself this space will help you to make the most of 2023. It’s how you’ll find the balance you’ve been seeking between your everyday demands and the inner spiritual journey that this year is all about.

Shadow aspects of the Universal 7 Year to be mindful of:

  • Isolating yourself: the 7 can be associated with a hermit-like behavior; try to keep a balance between your social and alone times.

  • Overthinking: the 7 is a mind-centered number, so we can easily get stuck in overthinking things; keep a healthy balance between the mind and the heart – not all answers will come from the mind.

  • Pushing away loved ones: the collective focus is all on the same thing, so it can be easy to drift away from those we love and care about under the energy of this number; be mindful of keeping these connections alive while also allowing yourself and others enough space to do the work of this year.

To find your Personal Year Number you’ll need to know your Attitude/Achievement Number (the number that comes from the month and date of your birth). Take your month and day of birth, for example, October 28 - 10/28:

1+0+2+8 = 11

1+1 = 2

Your Attitude/Achievement Number is a 2

Once you have your Attitude/Achievement Number, you’ll add it to the Universal Year Number to get your Personal Year Number.

So, for the example above:

7 (Universal Year Number) + 2 (Attitude Number) = 9

Your Personal Year Number would be 9.

To look up Personal Year Number meanings can google Personal Year Number Meanings for 2023 or go to This is a website I've gone to for numerology information in the past.


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