A specially formulated blend for clearing negative and low-frequency energies from your personal energy field, as well as your home, office, or any space you frequently inhabit.  This blend includes myrrh, holy basil, sage, and the powerful sacred water known as Florida Water.  Florida Water is a powerful energetic protection tool.   Expecto Patronum is a great blend for empaths, sensitives, and healers. 


Each bottle includes amethyst and black tourmaline chips for added protection and to enhance the properties of the oils.


Available in 1oz and 2oz spray bottles.

Expecto Patronum

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  • Made using a blend of Lavender, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Cypress, Juniper Berry,  Holy Basil, Sage, and Lemon essential oils.  Also included are: distilled and crystal-infused water and Florida Water.  Includes clear quartz,amethyst, and black tourmaline crystal chips.

    All essential oil blends are infused with reiki for energy enhancement.