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Do you often feel overwhelmed or anxious in crowded places?

Is it easy for you to get sucked dry in all your relationships?

When you’re with someone, have you ever experienced a sudden change in your emotions and not understood why or what happened?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are most likely an empath or a highly sensitive person.

Imagine how you would feel if:

· You could manage your relationships with ease, even the tricky ones.

· You could go out into the world and do the things that bring you joy without getting overwhelmed, stressed, and drained.

· You embraced your sensitivity and saw it as a vital part of your life purpose.

I’m an empath and for many years I struggled with all of these same things. I didn't embrace my sensitivity as a gift until much later in life. Now I realize how amazing and precious the gift of being an empath really is because I have the knowledge and tools to manage these excess emotions and energies.

Through counseling, mentorship, and energy healing, I can help you to understand your sensitivity and provide you with tools to help you learn to manage and release excess emotions and energies you accumulate from being in the world.  I can help you to create and maintain a more balanced and peaceful life, so you can go out into the world and live life to the fullest.

Bhadra is now seeing in-person clients at
The Healing Sisterhood in Henderson, NV

"A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence.  This is very important for good health."

~Dalai Lama

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