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Welcome to Bhadra's Healing Haven! 

Hi! We are Bhadra and Tulsi, the healers of Bhadra's Healing Haven, and we're so glad you're here.


Bhadra's Healing Haven is a mother-daughter collaboration of healing.  Bhadra and Tulsi, both empaths with natural intuitive gifts, have been on a spiritual path for over 30 years, practicing meditation, yoga, and many other healing modalities.  Combined they have over 12 years of experience.


Do you often feel overwhelmed or anxious in crowded places?

Is it easy for you to get sucked dry in all your relationships?

When you’re with someone, have you ever experienced a sudden change in your emotions and not understood why or what happened?

Have you experienced loss in any form and need help moving through it?

Are you looking for a safe space and understanding mentors to help you on your healing journey?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we're here to help.

Imagine how you would feel if:

  • You could manage your relationships with ease, even the tricky ones.

  • You could go out into the world and do the things that bring you joy without getting overwhelmed, stressed and drained.

  • You embraced your sensitivity and saw it as a vital part of your life purpose.

  • You could work through loss and lessen the heaviness of life.

  • You had safe, trusted, and understanding mentors to help you through whatever you're going through so you can live your best life. 

Bhadra and Tulsi both struggled with being an empath and didn't embrace their sensitivity as a gift until much later in life. With the knowledge and tools to manage excess emotions and energies, they came to realize how amazing and precious the gift of being an empath is.  


Through counseling, mentorship, and energy healing, they can help you understand your sensitivity, provide you with tools to help you manage excess emotions and energies you accumulate from being in the world, work through loss and grief, and create and maintain a more balanced and peaceful life, so you can go out into the world and live life to the fullest!

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"Get yourself out of the way, and let joy have more space."


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