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December 29 - January 17: Mercury Retrograde

What is Mercury Retrograde?

The term retrograde describes the backward motion or movement of a planet; however, the planet doesn’t really move backward.

When a planet is in retrograde it can’t fully express its energy. Because Mercury is the planet of communication, it gets the most attention when it goes retrograde. Mercury rules over how we think and express ourselves to the outside world.

When Mercury is retrograde, we usually experience some sort of difficulty with our technology and with communication. Be mindful of miscommunications, delays, the unexpected arising, and confusion.

The purpose of Mercury Retrograde is to revisit what is already on your plates, what you’ve already started working on, rather than starting something new. It’s a good time to revisit the past and assess whether the way you communicate has been benefiting you or may need to be adjusted. It’s also a good time to go back over your projects, redo anything that needs updating that you haven’t looked at in a while, or complete projects you’ve been working on but perhaps have been procrastinating completing it!

Mercury Retrograde is necessary for helping us to raise our consciousness and shift our focus away from expressing our energy outward to being more indrawn and introspective. When Mercury is direct, he is helping us to speak our truth, to stand in our authenticity, and communicate that to the world, and when Mercury is retrograde, we have the opportunity to assess our truths and how we have been communicating, or not communicating our truths to the world.

This is a powerful time and opportunity to get real with yourself and to uncover all your emotions, thoughts, and feelings that have been buried inside for too long. When we know our truth, when we embrace our authenticity, then we can know and express who we truly are.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time for journaling and self-reflection. Taking things slowly, keeping things as simple as you can, paying attention to your intuition, and being aware of the pitfalls of Mercury Retrograde so you can be prepared for anything, will be the key to a smooth and easeful ride through this retrograde.

During Mercury retrograde it’s not a good idea to make new decisions or sign new contacts, buy a new car, purchase plane tickets, or schedule a major event or trip, however, life happens, and we may have to do one or more of these things during this time. Remember that knowledge is power! If you have to make new decisions, sign a new contract or start a new project, be extremely diligent about carefully reading and re-reading everything pertinent to the situation and ensuring your interests are clearly stated and that you are protected.

The reason astrologers say it’s not a good idea to start anything new during Mercury retrograde, is because during this time we are in an assessment period and what may be our truth before or during the retrograde, may not be our truth once Mercury goes direct again!




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