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Gemini Full Moon - November 2023

We’re getting closer to the end of this year and under this November Full Moon, we may be feeling it’s time to release and let go of the heaviness 2023 might have brought our way.

The Gemini Full Moon on November 27 guides us to start thinking about what we wish to cleanse and what we wish to release. What do you no longer want to carry with you into 2024? What has become too heavy? What has been taking up far too much of your energy and resources?

It's time to start clearing out the energetic and physical clutter so we can move forward into 2024 with more alignment and ease.

Set your intentions and release them into the ethers, give them to the Universe. Allow them to be carried by this powerful cleansing energy that this November Full Moon brings.

Gemini is represented by the Twins and the duality of life. Gemini is also ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. This would be a good time for journaling your thoughts and feelings.

There are several planetary forces at play under this Full Moon, making the energy both charged and perhaps a bit scattered. Mars, Saturn, and the goddess Lilith are active making this Full Moon fiery!

These planetary energies, along with the full moon energy can create charged emotions and some tension. If there’s been something that’s been bubbling beneath the surface, this Full Moon may trigger things to overflow. Heated emotions may rise to the surface, and you may find yourself feeling irritable or frustrated with how things are unfolding.

Using this Full Moon to release those things that have become too heavy, and creating some fun in your life will help to soften and ease tensions you’re feeling.

You’re likely to feel all over the place with this moon and planetary energies circling around. Know that whatever comes up for you at this time, is here to teach you something. Allow yourself to be the student, and as this Full Moon passes you’ll be able to understand things from a better and bigger perspective.

By creating some fun and lightness during this time we will have an easier time navigating through all the tense and fiery energies this Full Moon brings.

Ritual Idea (adapted from Forever Conscious Full Moon ritual):

Supplies Needed:

* Bowl of Water


*Pen and Paper

*Oracle deck (optional)

Start by clearing and cleansing your space and energy field.

Once your space is clear, meditate.

When you come out of meditation, take your pen and paper and write down all the things you want to be free of in 2024. Everything you don't want to take with you into 2024.

Now, tear your paper into thick strips.

One by one burn the strips in the flame of your candle. Be mindful of fire safety.

When the strips get too hot to hold, drop them in the bowl of water.

Place your hands around the bowl and recite the following - or any incantation you'd like:

"I cleanse myself and release the past and all hurts. I refresh my energy and clear my mind and heart. I am releasing all that I no longer want in my life. All that is blocking, weighing me down, and hindering my highest self from rising is now released. My life is free, my light is clear. My physical body radiates health, my emotional body radiates joy, and my spirit body radiates peace. I give my highest self permission to rise and shine forth. I offer my gratitude to my guides, guardians, and angels for their guidance and support. And so it is!"

Discard the water from your bowl outside under the Full Moon. If discarding it outside is not an option pouring the water down the sink is also fine. Dispose of any large pieces of paper left in the water as you see fit. You could bury, or let them completely disintegrate in the water before disposing of it.

If you feel called, you can now do a Full Moon oracle reading for yourself. Reflect and journal on the messages you receive.




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