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Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses are highly transformative and can be a bit unsettling as they tend to stir up emotions. Eclipses also heighten energy, contribute to thinning the veil, and oftentimes get us to see things we didn’t notice before.

This full moon brings the message and energy of completion, release, death and rebirth, renewal and transformation, and surrender.

This Taurus eclipse holds incredible power for endings. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to end, something you need to bring to a close the weeks surrounding this eclipse are your chance to make it happen. Use the energy of this eclipse to close doors and say your goodbyes to everything that no longer serves your highest good. Let the eclipse work its magic and don’t get hung up on controlling the details. Set your intentions and let the eclipse energy do the rest!

With Pluto, Lord of the Underworld active under this full moon, we may find ourselves uncovering things that are a bit uncomfortable, or confronting shadows we’ve not dared to look at before. All that’s been hidden will be coming out into the light during this time. This is a beautiful time to work on making peace with our own shadows, and whatever is coming up for you during this time.

Be mindful of power struggles – with Mars and Mercury moving together at this time we’re likely to experience or witness heated conversations, harsh words, or speaking without thinking!

And with Jupiter active as well, whatever’s happening at this time will feel magnified. Things may seem bigger or more important than they actually are. While it’s possible to overreact with Jupiter thrown into the mix, its energy also urges us to see things from a higher perspective, helping us to expand our minds and understand things we didn’t understand before.

Jupiter and Taurus are also both associated with the energy of abundance. Invite and welcome in the idea of expansion, opportunity, and abundance with this eclipse.

With all this fiery, tumultuous energy swirling around during this full moon, it can be a wonderful time for rest and relaxation. Journaling, meditation, nature walks, and self-care are all practices you can lean into to help you maintain peace and easefulness during this time.

The end of October is gearing up to be a powerful time indeed. Endings, new beginnings, and transformation are all at our fingertips. Do the work, use this time to reflect on how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown, and what is important to you, and then be prepared to emerge from this in a higher state of consciousness than you were before.




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