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Moon Phases of April 2023

Full Moon

April 5: Libra Full Moon occurs at 9:37 pm PDT

The year’s only full moon in Libra unlocks happy, healthy, and balanced relationships.

The focus of this Full Moon in Libra is on our relationships and how we decide to show up and interact within them.

This full moon’s energy sheds light on our relationships and sends healing vibrations to help us feel more secure, supported, loved, and seen. During this time, we may also feel the need to let go of or shift any connections that are no longer serving or beneficial to our highest selves.

The Libra Full Moon presents a beautiful opportunity for healing. Under this full moon, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is particularly active and will invite us to find healing not through fixing, but through acceptance.

Join Bhadra for a Virtual Full Moon Ceremony on Wednesday, April 5 at 6:00 pm PDT.

New Moon

April 20: Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 9:12 pm PDT.

This new moon is a change-making solar eclipse! Think of it like a turbo-charged fresh start, one that might require you to leave a piece of your old life behind.

Check out our New Moon Ritual blog article for all the ways you can honor this new moon and all the beautiful, wonderful, magnificent changes it's going to bring!




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