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Energy Healing Box

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Reiki Healing, Blessings & Prayer Box:


With this service, our healers will add your name or the name of a family member, friend, loved one, animal, situation, or place to our energetically and continuously charged Reiki Healing Box to receive energy healing once a week for a month. 


A Reiki box is simply a designated highly charged container used to send Reiki energy to multiple people, places, or situations at one time and from a distance.  Requests and intentions for healing are always carried out for the greatest and highest good of all and are done by submitting names, places, or situations to us to be placed in our box.  We utilize traditional reiki symbols, as well as calling in celestial and Light energies when sending energy to the box and its contents.  We also add crystals, to the box to amplify the reiki blessings, prayers, and intentions.


As energy healing is not constrained by time and space, your requests can be for anything in the present, past, or future. 


Blessing, intention, and prayer requests can be made for yourself, for another person, for an animal, for a specific town, city, or state, or the world and collective as a whole. Multiple requests are accepted.


No request is too big or too small.  If you are not exactly sure what blessings or prayers to request, you can simply ask for energetic healing for your best and highest good.


All requests received are, as needed, re-written by us in the present tense using only positive language.  This is because everything we desire is already present and available to us now.  By writing the intentions, blessings, and requests in the present tense we are affirming that we trust in the abundant nature of the Universe to support us in all ways and only for the best and highest good of all.


Blessing/Intention/Prayer requests can be made for:

  • General Healing

  • Divine Guidance

  • Health

  • Prosperity

  • Peace & Harmony

  • Release

  • Other


All requests are kept in strict confidentiality and shared with no one outside of the healers at Bhadra’s Healing Haven. You will receive an automated confirmation when your request is received. 


At the end of one month, we will take your name or the name/s you submitted from the box, so if you or the person you have requested healing for still needs healing after this time, you will need to resubmit your request.


Also, we would be happy to learn about the results of your healing experience, so please let us know of any improvements or other experiences you had during this one-month or more time frame.


Thank you for allowing us to serve you in this way.


What if you are requesting for someone other than yourself?


If you’re requesting energy healing for someone other than yourself, we recommend you ask that person if they agree to receive the energy healing.  If you are unable to ask, for example, if a family member or loved one is in the hospital and you can’t reach them, then you can share that information with us when you send your request.  When we have this information, we then ask that person’s higher self if they are willing to receive the healing energy.  

What happens to energy when someone’s higher self chooses not to receive the healing energy?  Our intention is always that the energy then goes to all inhabitants of the world whose higher selves wish to receive the energy for their best and highest good at that moment. 


Why do we ask for a donation for this service?


Our healers believe that the spiritual concept of an exchange of energy is a helpful and effective means of solidifying the value of a service received.  For this service, you decide the amount you wish to donate.  We believe it’s important for the client to decide the value of this service.  

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