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Bhadra lives a heart-centered life connected to her feelings, which allows her clients to connect with themselves in the same way.  From this loving container, deep healing happens.  I highly recommend Bhadra and her services. 


I had such a wonderful experience getting a distance Reiki Crystal Body Layout Session from Bhadra.  She pulled cards for me and did a crystal grid and explained everything about them.  She sent me the meanings of the cards and all of the meanings of the crystals she utilized and why.  Bhadra also sent me clear and informational notes on our session complete with pictures that were super helpful.  

   Bhadra is a true professional that reads from a place of compassion and healing.  I was comfortable during the session and her feedback was so in-depth. Being a healer myself, it was such a treat to receive.   She was spot on with what I needed emotionally and physically.   I resonated so much with what she saw about my aura, my inner child, my guides, and my angels.  She opened and balanced my chakras and explained the blockages in my energy system and how to keep them healthy and strong.  

     Bhadra helped me immensely in the direction I should take in my life now and how to take care of myself.  Her advice was truly priceless.  If you are wondering if you should book a session with Bhadra, don’t hesitate.  It is worth the comfort and peace of mind that you will receive.  Thank you, Bhadra for the gift of you!


My session with Bhadra was just what I needed! I had not been feeling well physically or emotionally.  We talked about my issues and Bhadra truly made me feel seen and heard.  Her intuitive messages and suggestions made so much sense. As Bhadra continued the healing I felt myself settle into a calm relaxed state.  I left the session feeling peaceful and optimistic in moving forward. I slept great that night and woke up feeling ready to take on the day.  I highly recommend a session!!! 


Bhadra is that unique healer who combines healing with counseling and intuitive guidance.  I’m so glad that I found her!  I had an online intuitive wellness coaching session because I’d been feeling stuck and it was starting to affect my health.  I immediately felt relaxed with her.  She understands being sensitive!  Her intuitive guidance was exactly what I needed.  I felt hopeful and encouraged - even before the session ended! - and her guidance turned out to be spot on and the catalyst for moving my life forward.  I didn’t want our session to end, and I can't wait to have my next one!  I decided to try some of her Reiki-infused essential oil blends both for chronic pain and sensitivities.  They are amazing, and now I want them all!  


I would highly recommend a session with Bhadra. Immediately she tapped into the energy around me that I had been struggling with. She was compassionate and understanding as we discussed different areas of my life that were causing me stress. It was a safe space to share, and I felt really heard and understood. She gave me several new techniques and suggestions to help manage my daily life and change my perspective. She even recommended some self-care routines that I could implement. Then I was able to deeply relax as she performed an energy healing and chakra rebalance. I felt absolutely incredible following my session. It was a wonderful experience, Bhadra is a talented healer!”

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