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Bhadra combines her education and intuitive abilities, experience as an empath, and various energy healing methods to help you work through your feelings, clear your energy field and chakras, manage your sensitivity, and maintain balance in your life. 

She utilizes various methods including but not limited to counseling, reiki, sound and crystal healing, aromatherapy, and divination in each session.

A healing session with Bhadra is a light-touch or no-touch, fully clothed experience.  

Intuitive Healing Sessions with Bhadra

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Reiki energy healing is a gentle, yet powerful ancient healing technique that uses the universal life force energy to promote healing. 

Bhadra offers Usui and Lightarian energy healing sessions bringing forth the vibrations and energy of the celestial realms and etheric Light energies.

Energy healing can help you to heal from physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental obstacles.

It's helpful for stress reduction and relaxation; chronic pain relief; depression and anxiety; strengthening immunity; preventative care; energizing and revitalizing, chakra balancing, clearing and protecting the energy field or aura, releasing trauma and energy blocks, and emotional and mental balance.  Energy healing is also helpful in clearing your etheric fields and raising your vibration.

Healing sessions are not a replacement for traditional medical care or treatments. 

Sessions last 60 minutes. 

Schedule a 20-minute consultation to find out if this service is the best fit for your needs.  Packages are available for this service. 

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling  with Tulsi

Tulsi combines her education, and life experience with her natural intuitive abilities to help you work through whatever is troubling you.  


She utilizes various methods including but not limited to traditional counseling, energy healing, guided relaxation techniques, and visualizations.

In your first session, we'll spend some time getting to know each other.  You'll share what you're hoping to achieve, and what brought you to Tulsi, and then you'll begin the journey together.

Sessions last 60 minutes.  

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Schedule a 20-minute consultation to find out if this service is the best fit for your needs.  Packages are available for this service. 

Crystal Consultations with Bhadra

Crystal Consultation1_edited.jpg

I have a crystal for that! 

Crystals are fantastic tools for empaths and sensitives, and they help by changing or uplifting our frequency and the frequency of our environments. Crystals contain higher-amplitude frequencies and take over or supersede the energy around them.  They entrain the energy around them to their frequency and reduce disorder. 

This is why they are such amazing healing tools! 

There really is a crystal for everything.  And they can help in a multitude of ways.  Are you moving to a new home? Getting a new job? Having a baby or getting married? Want to remove negative energy or protect against negative energies?  Do you or your children need help keeping nightmares at bay? Are you looking to attract more abundance, love, or financial prosperity into your life? Do you need help to stay focused for a big exam? Are you looking for the right crystal for your Moon manifesting or releasing rituals?  Whatever you're situation we can create the perfect Crystal Rx for you!  

With this service, you will receive a 30-minute consultation with a quick energy-clearing session while we discuss your needs. A full Crystal Consultation Report will be emailed to you, which includes 1-3 card oracle reading based on your needs, photos of each crystal recommended, how to use each crystal recommended for your situation, and links to reputable crystal shops, within 24-48 hours.


You can add a customized essential oil blend or a custom-made crystal bracelet, that will work with your specific situation, for an additional fee. 

Animal Energy Healing with Bhadra

An animal energy healing session is available to all animals, large or small.  Animals typically respond very well to energy healing. 

Animal energy healing can help with all types of illnesses, injuries, and emotional or behavioral problems. 


Please keep in mind, animal energy healing is not a substitute for traditional veterinarian medications or services, but rather an accompaniment to those traditional healing methods. 

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Before the session, you will share with Bhadra your reason for scheduling a healing session for your pet and what you hope to achieve.  

An animal healing session happens the same way as a healing session you would schedule for yourself.  Bhadra uses her intuition to help guide her to where the energy is needed most.  She utilizes crystals, aromatherapy, and divination tools as part of these healing sessions.  


Because animals are very receptive and sensitive to healing energy, the length of the actual healing will depend on your pet, however, typically lasts between 25 and 30 minutes.  The whole session, our initial discussion, and healing, will last 45-60 minutes. 

Oracle Card Readings with Bhadra

Oracle Reading4.png

Unlock deeper insights and guidance with my Oracle Card Reading service, a perfect complement to your healing journey. 


Available exclusively to individuals who have participated in at least one individual or group healing session with me, these readings offer a profound way to explore your inner wisdom and receive clarity on your path.


Oracle cards are a powerful tool for self-reflection and spiritual guidance.

They can help you gain a new perspective on your current situation, uncover hidden aspects of yourself or your path, validate your intuitive feelings and insights, and provide gentle nudges toward your highest good.

While oracle cards can offer profound insights, they are not meant to be the definitive answer to all of life’s questions! They are a guide to help you connect with your own intuition and inner wisdom.


As you receive your reading remember to:

Trust your intuition – feel into what resonates with you from the reading and let go of anything that doesn’t.


Reflect and integrate – use the insight as a starting point for your inner exploration and growth.


Let the wisdom of the oracle cards illuminate your path and support your journey toward greater clarity and understanding.


Book a simple 3-card reading to gain quick and focused information on a specific question or topic. Or book a more in-depth multiple-card reading to delve deeper into your chosen theme for comprehensive guidance. Please note that I do not address health-related inquiries.


Upon receipt of payment, I will conduct your reading and send a detailed email within 24 hours that will include photos of the cards and spread, an interpretation of each card, and guidance on how to apply these insights to your life.


Book your Oracle Card reading today and step into a deeper connection with your true self.

Have questions, not sure where to begin or what session to choose? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with us.  We'll discuss your needs and help you find the right session, class, or event! 

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