Hi, my name is Tulsi.  Welcome! 

I am an empath with natural intuitive abilities, life coach, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, and spiritual counselor.  I help others manage and work through their grief so they can chart a path to healing their body, mind, and spirit.  


Like so many of us, I experienced loss and grief from a very young age.  Hearing stories of my sister’s early death at 8 years old due to Diphtheria not only stirred my interest in all things spiritual but also created a desire in me to help others with their losses.  


Loss does not just mean death.  It encompasses many areas and types of loss, such as the loss of our job, home, youth, health, loved ones, pets, and relationships as well as when we feel a sense of powerlessness. 

I’ve dedicated my adult life to learning to grow from my losses and have diligently studied how to help others manage and work through their grief as well. 


If this resonates with you I would love to help you as you journey through what might feel like the worst time in your life but will, I promise, be the catalyst to your greatest inner growth.  

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  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified Grief Counselor

  • Ordained Minister

  • Reiki II Certified 

  • Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner

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