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February Crystal: Sodalite

Key attributes: access to the subconscious and intuitive abilities; enhanced insight and mental performance; deepened intuition; improved communication

Sodalite is a stone of insight and can enhance the mental powers of analysis, intuition, observation, and creativity. It helps facilitate self-discipline, efficiency, organization, and structure in your mental pursuits.

Sodalite is known as a stone of deep journey, connecting your physical self with your spiritual self, and allowing you to move between different levels of consciousness more easily. It can provide insight into the self and help you assess your motivations, strengths, weaknesses, desires, gifts, and patterns. Use Sodalite during meditations or shamanic journeys to help you recall and remember the scenes and symbols presented.

Being a stone of insight, it can help to enhance your intuition, by increasing the frequency and accuracy of your ‘hunches’ and can give you confidence in your inner knowing. It facilitates letting go of self-judgment, which can lead to second-guessing yourself.

Sodalite can invoke images from deep within the subconscious, allowing you to perceive your core lessons in this lifetime. It aids in helping you to stay focused on the present moment, without being distracted by past or future concerns.

It can enhance and improve communication, especially through writing. Sodalite also supports the immune system, helping to clear problems in the throat and sinuses. And it can even soothe your vocal cords, especially if they feel strained.

Sodalite helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and its deep blue color brings a sense of peace and tranquility to you and your environment.


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