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March Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Key attributes: inner vision, truthful communications, royal virtues

Lapis Lazuli was a stone used to entomb and decorate the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. It's a stone of royalty and spirituality and carries the vibration of inner 'king' or 'queen' energies that lie buried in each of us. Buddhists believe Lapis is a stone that brings inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts, and in Europe, Lapis was thought to cure various illnesses and be an antidote for snakebites.

Lapis Lazuli typically contains pyrite and calcite as well as mica. The pyrite inclusions assist one in acting upon their highest ideals and visions, and the calcite inclusions assist in clearing the energy systems of the body to accommodate higher spiritual frequencies and energies.

Lapis can activate the psychic centers at the third eye, allowing for enhanced intuition and further access to spiritual guidance. It's a stone of visionary awareness, bringing new information to the mind in images rather than words. It's also a stone of truth and has a stimulating influence on the throat chakra - assisting one in both discernings and speaking the truth in all situations.

Lapis is a stone of initiation as well - it can be a catalyst for a mystical journey to higher awareness. It's traditionally been used to assist in connecting with the Gods and invoking Divine inspiration. It can help one gain access to the Akashic records and acts as a special link to one's lifetimes in civilizations that prized and used Lapis Lazuli - including Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Peru, Sumeria, and India. It can help one regain that lost esoteric knowledge from those civilizations.

Generally speaking, Lapis is a stone of self-knowledge and reflection, helping one move out of the mundane mind and into the expanded awareness of one's motivations and beliefs.


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