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Moon Phases of May 2023

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Full Moon

May 5: Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs at 1:36 pm EDT

May's full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings some more intense but magical energies. Full Moon eclipses typically denote endings, closure, and transformative events that shift us into a different state of consciousness. These changes help us to release the past and shift our lives in a new direction.

One thing to note with this May full moon is its magic symbolism. This Scorpio Lunar Eclipse falls on the 5th day of the 5th month, making the number 5 energies important. 5 is a number of change (there's that word again!), creativity, imagination, and play; it's also connected to the elements and associated with the zodiac sign of Leo.

This Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse doesn't feel like play, as its heavy energies are likely to stir up some deep emotions. We may find ourselves feeling raw, exposed, and vulnerable during this time. However, we can use the 5 energy as our guide: returning to creativity and play. Ask yourself, "How can I take a playful approach to navigate this situation?" This may require you to release control, unlock your imagination, and take a more curious approach to whatever is coming up for you at this time.

Here are a couple of tips for navigating this Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse:

  • Do something just for fun

  • Approach things with curiosity

  • Welcome change and endings

  • Go with the flow - don't be in a rush to act or make concrete decisions

  • Release all the things you no longer wish to hang on to and that are no longer serving your highest good

Join Bhadra for a Full Moon Ceremony on Saturday, May 6 at 7:00 pm EDT.

New Moon

May 19: Taurus New Moon occurs at 11:53 am EDT.

New Moons signal new beginnings., and this Taurus New Moon energy is all about immersing ourselves in the sensory experience of new beginnings. It's the perfect time to visualize what you want your life to look, taste, smell, and feel like.

Check out our New Moon Ritual blog article for all the ways you can honor this new moon!




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