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Healer Trainings & Certifications 


Trainings and Certifications for Bhadra and Tulsi:

Psychic Reiki 

Certification Levels: I, II

Reiki Master: Lisa Campion

Psychic Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author

Location: Boston, MA

Lineage: Dr. Mikao Usui

Attuned to: Psychic and Quantum Reiki

Bhadra Certified: October & November 2022 

Tulsi Certified: October 2022 & March 2023

Ordained Minister

Organization: Universal Life Church

Chaplain: Br. Martin

Received: July 2022 

Seraphim Blueprint - Level 1

Teacher: Christine Brisco

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Completed: January 2022

Trainings and Certifications for Bhadra:


Usui Reiki Master Teacher 

Certification Levels: I, II, Master, Teacher Training 

Reiki Masters: Garry & Adele Malone

Location: Remote

Lineage: Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr.  Hayashi, Madam Takata

Attuned to: Usui Reiki  

Completed: April 2022

Psychic Healer Academy & Apprenticeship

Teacher/Mentor: Lisa Campion

Psychic Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author

Location: Boston, MA

Certified: August 2021

Advanced Crystal Master

Teacher: Hibiscus Moon 

Location: Florida/Remote

Certified: December 2022

Certified Angelic Medium

Teacher: Charles Virtue

Certified: March 2023

Shamanic Skills Apprenticeship

Teacher: Deb Fates-Mental

Location: Remote

Completed: May 2022

Masters in Clinical Forensic Psychology

Alliant International University

Graduated: May 2011

Trainings and Certifications for Tulsi:


Teacher: Diane Enderson

Location: Fresno, Ca


Grief & Bereavement

Name of School


Continuing Education:


Psychic Reiki Circle 

Teacher: Lisa Campion

Continued Reiki Education and Mentorship

Wisdom of Joy Mentorship

Teacher: Bob Lancer

Spiritual Life Coach, Kabbalah Teacher & Mentor

Shamanic Skills

Teacher & Mentor: Deb Fates Mental

Continued Shamanic Education and Mentorship

Oracle 101 Masterclass

Teacher: Colette Baron-Reid

Completed: April 2020

Oracle School

Teacher: Colette Baron Reid

Completed: May 2021

Diving into the Shadow

Teacher: Dr. Michael Lennox

Completed: March 2020

Radleigh Valentine School

Teacher: Radleigh Valentine

Courses Taken: 

-Angel Numerology

-Halls of Archangels

-Angels & Auras

-Language of the Divine

Academy of Spiritual Development

Teacher: Robert Reeves

Courses Taken:

-Flower Therapy

-Healing Triad

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