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Join Bhadra and her colleagues in this monthly free powerful global reiki prayer circle. Let's come together as a collective force of love and healing, sending waves of healing energy, prayers, and blessings to the planet, all its inhabitants, and every corner of our interconnected world.


Whether you're a seasoned reiki practitioner, new to energy healing, or simply wish to send your love and blessings, your intentions are powerful and needed. Let's create a global web of positive energy that transcends boundaries and brings hope to those in need. 


Together, we can create a ripple effect of positivity that spans continents. 

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Join this 1-hour guided meditation to help you relax and release your stress and worries. Participants will be guided through a 15–30 minute meditation, that flows into silent meditation.  During the silent meditation period, Bhadra sends healing energy to the group. Afterward, there will be time to share or journal your meditation experience.  All levels of meditators are welcome.

Guided meditations will range from general healing, calming, and peaceful meditations to meeting your guides, and spirit totem animals, discovering your inner sanctuary, and shamanic journeys.

In this monthly 1-hour group healing, we come together to receive energy healing for ourselves and the collective. 


Each group session will have a theme or intention and a crystal grid will be created to amplify that intention.


You will be guided in a short 5-10 minute grounding meditation that flows into silence.  During this silent period, Bhadra sends energy healing to each participant in the group.  After, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with the group or ask any questions.  


Currently holding these group healings on the first Saturday of every month at The Yoga Space in Hurleyville, NY. Please visit here to reserve your spot 


Join us for a magical virtual night of connecting to the energies of the Full Moon.  Each ceremony includes a brief discussion of the attributes of the Full Moon, a 20-25-minute guided meditation, journaling, and sharing.  Oracle cards will be pulled for the group as a whole.

The ceremony will last approximately 1 hr and 15 minutes with extra time at the end for sharing.  This is a wonderful opportunity to release, let go, and lay the groundwork for future goals and dreams.  

To register for one of the classes/events above, click the 'Session Info' link below.

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