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January Crystal of the Month: Green Aventurine

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Key Attributes: vitality; growth; confidence

Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism and zest for life. It helps you to move forward with confidence into new situations, such as changes in employment, residence, school, relationships, or spiritual focus. It’s not a stone of resignation or acceptance so much as it is a facilitator of one’s taking everything in stride. It brings with it a feeling of lightness, even humor, as it assists you in dealing with the ups and downs of life. In meditation, it helps you to persevere through the times when it seems as if nothing is happening. Emotionally, it allows you to look at the bright side of difficult situations. In healing, it instills life force and aids in rebuilding depleted energy reserves.

Green Aventurine is also a stone of ‘good luck’, and it’s recommended for those who wish to manifest greater prosperity. It’s a good stone to carry with you on a first date, to an exam, a job interview, etc. It’s a very user-friendly stone – you only need to be near it to derive its benefits.

Aventurine is a member of the Quartz family and harmonizes with all other members of the Quartz family, modifying its focus slightly as it resonates with the frequencies of its companion stone. Pairing Moldavite with Green Aventurine creates a highly dynamic energy that helps one to move through even drastic transformations with equanimity, confidence, and good humor. Moonstone, Morganite, and both Pink and Green Tourmaline have the effect of magnifying Aventurine’s heart chakra energies, making you prone to give and find love more easily.

Green Aventurine supports emotional and physical healing and energy balancing. Its essence is that of spring bursting forth after a long, dark winter. Its frequency stimulates renewal on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, assisting you in releasing old patterns, diseases, and lessons, so new growth and movement can take place. It fosters optimism and deep appreciation for the myriad experiences life offers. It can assist you in finding hope, and joy in daily life.

Green Aventurine has a gentle grounding effect on the vibrational field, encouraging energy to move out of the head and into the heart center. It supports the heart, assisting with circulatory issues and stimulating the flow of life-giving energy throughout the body. It engenders body activity and movement while assisting you in physical regeneration. It’s excellent for those with cardiac conditions or who are recovering from surgery or illness. It helps correct lethargy and depletion, or lack of life force. It can also help you clear the energetic systems and stimulate new growth and understanding.


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