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Moon Phases of March 2023

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Full Moon

March 5: Virgo Full Worm Moon occurs at 4:42 AM PST

The Virgo Full Moon, the final full moon of the winter season, carries a healing vibration with it, guiding us to seek out what’s most beneficial to us right now.

Self-care is paramount during this time. The more you can show up for yourself and take care of your needs, the more you will be able to move in harmony with this Full Moon.

You may also feel the desire to clear clutter, and clean your spaces, to make them a stronger reflection of the person you are becoming.

With Saturn moving into Pisces shortly after this Full Moon, we will also find ourselves wrapping up and releasing karmic ties for good. And the Virgo energies of this full moon will help to keep us grounded in the practical.

New Moon

March 21: Aries New Moon occurs at 1:26 AM PST.

This New Moon follows the Equinox amplifying its energy. This is a powerful New Moon, bringing passion and enthusiasm for new beginnings.

It’s a great time for manifestation work. Use the fearless energy of Aries to call in what you truly desire and want to create for yourself moving forward.

Stay open to receiving during this time.




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