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Oracle Energetic Theme for February

The theme/message for the month of February is to be true to your word and speak the truth.

Card: The Crow (Reversed)

Deck: Mystical Shaman by Colette Baron-Reid

The Crow is the keeper of universal law, the law of truth. Crow teaches us to walk our talk, to find congruence between who we say we are and who we really know ourselves to be. This winged one insists that we speak truth, that we create truth instead of searching for it, and that we bring truth to every situation we find ourselves in.

The Medicine Message:

Be true to your word! Crow arrives just as we have convinced ourselves that what we are doing is right and justified. And while this may be the case in the realm of relative truth, in the higher realm of absolute truth it is not. Look deeply into your heart and remain alert, lest you convince yourself of something that isn't deeply true for you, or perhaps is not the highest truth. Do not seduce yourself with illusions.


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