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Oracle Energetic Theme for June

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The theme/message for the month of June is transitions and changes occur in life. Celebrate them and you’ll experience harmony. A sacred journey is waiting for you. Know that you are safe, protected and guided by Spirit.

Card: Standing Stones

Deck: The Sacred Forest by Denise Linn

Essential Meaning: Passage

As you walk, you come across large vertical stones standing in a circle in the center of the sacred forest. You know that to step inside this sacred ring is not to be undertaken lightly. It is an act of power. With solemn grace you enter. Immediately you feel a shift occur within you. It’s as if the floodgates of your soul have opened, and there is a download of cosmic information occurring within you.

Many believe that standing stones are a place that allows one to embark on spiritual journeys from one realm to another. They can also mark the transition from one stage of life to another. Remember that although life changes, you are eternal. Celebrate all the transitions in life, and you’ll experience profound harmony.

A voyage of the heart and soul is ahead. This journey may be spiritual or physical in nature; in either case, it is a kind of sacred pilgrimage. Have courage. A great ship can stay safe in the harbor, but that is not what great ships are made for. Be willing to unfurl your sails and set forth to the open seas. The seas might be rough, and the wind is strong, but you are safe and protected. The circle of stones takes you exactly where you need to go.

Since the earliest days of humanity, standing stones have been created as places of ceremonies and as ways to honor the Divine. Archeologists have found some that date back to 4000 B.C.E. Neolithic people didn’t have written language, yet their art and stone circles (sometimes oval or horseshoe-shaped) suggest that they held religious rituals at these ceremonial meeting places.

The Spirit of the Standing Stones says: A sacred journey is ahead. A deeper meaning is waiting to be discovered. You are safe.


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