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Oracle Energetic Theme for July

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The theme/message for the month of July is to wake up and remember the inherent divinity in all things and in all people.

Card: If You Hear a Sasquatch Sigh

Deck: The Dream Weaver's Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

Essential Meaning: Spiritual narcolepsy, seeing through the lens of separation, competition, arrogance, ego, narrow-mindedness

If you hear a Sasquatch sigh, know that they are sad because you've fallen into the trap of spiritual narcolepsy: you've forgotten your partnership with the Universe and instead are working through your ego. You think you see clearly, but you're temporarily blinded to the magic in the world. Perhaps you're comparing yourself with others. Or perhaps you are seeing through the lens of lack and limitation, and therefore thinking there isn't enough or that you are not enough.

In this moment, you're being called to wake up and remember the inherent divinity in all things and in all people. Perhaps you can't see the magic and mystery because you've lost faith, you don't believe, or you've become hypnotized by temporary outer conditions that present as rigid or fixed. You may feel an overwhelming weight and responsibility on your shoulders to make things happen. Yes, life can be truly hard, unfair, unreliable, exhausting, irrational, and chaotic, but none of those things are permanent or personal. Remember all things must change, and you are now and always have been a conduit for miracles.

Wake up, reorient yourself, declutter your thoughts and your environment, and be grateful these episodes are fleeting. You do not need to define your sense of self by outer conditions. This is a time to dive into more self-love and compassion. Cultivate a sense of humor, for you are more than enough. You matter, and life loves you so much. Look to the signs around you. The whole world is your oracle. Spirit has a plan!


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