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Oracle Energetic Theme for May

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

The theme/message for the month of May is to speak honestly and kindly. Not everything we see needs to be spoken about at this time. Make sure you aren’t traveling to run away from your problems…a new location won’t solve anything!

Card: Sagittarius (Reversed)

Deck: Starcodes Astro by Heather Roan Robbins

Essential Meaning: Expand

Sagittarius asks us to think big, travel far, and use our restlessness and curiosity to create. A mutable fire sign, Sagittarius’s symbol is that of the centaur (half human, half horse), which epitomizes the connection between humans and the natural, wild world. Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter, rules the thighs, the muscles that propel our movement. The Sun shines in Sagittarius from November 22 – December 21.


Sagittarius has two imperatives: expand your perspective and humbly speak your truth. So let your perspective become versatile, flexible, and curious. Travel in the body or in the mind and explore a larger philosophical, environmental, or metaphysical context for this situation. Imagine you are on a mountaintop; look down at your life from a thousand feet up. Now take it further, like the astronauts who look down on our spinning green-and-blue globe and see no borders between countries. You are a global citizen – change your life to reflect this reality.

Speak your truth. Remember the fairy tale “The Emperor’s Clothes.” A pair of con artists arrive at an emperor’s court claiming to make beautiful garments. They say their creations are only visible to people of quality; incompetent people can’t see the clothes. No one in the emperor’s court wants to admit they can’t see the supposedly intricate garments, and the emperor wears his new clothes on parade. Only one honest, Sagittarian-style boy speaks up without rancor, states the obvious – the emperor is naked – and breaks the spell. Ask what spell you need to break and speak up.


Just because you see it doesn’t mean you have to say it. Timing and pacing are everything. Be honest, not mean; ask if what you are about to say is wise, kind, and necessary, as well as true. Watch out for the “geographic cure” – the belief that travel will solve problems – because wherever you go, there you are.


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