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Pisces Full Blue Super Moon - August 2023

Being the second Full Moon of the month, it's referred to as a Blue Moon. Blue Moons are rare, happening only once every 2.5 years or so. Because of this, a Blue Moon is something we want to pay attention to!

Having two Full Moons in one month means a big surge of release energy. Hold on tight, chances are something may be exiting your life, like a relationship, job, traumas, or even psychic energies that aren’t yours to carry.

Whatever releases occur under this Blue Moon, be prepared to feel completely changed when it's over. With this surge of release energy, we will be left with some new space to fill in our lives. This may feel a bit unsettling at first but know it holds promise and potential for something new. Be patient with this change as we are currently also in a strong wave of retrograde energy right now.

Under this Pisces Blue Moon, we have Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto all in retrograde! It’s not uncommon to have a few planets in retrograde at one time, however having six planets in retrograde all at once is a rare event indeed!

Retrograde energy helps us to look back over our past, to reflect, rather than forge ahead. As always, retrograde energy can create delays, miscommunications, and mishaps, and of course, can make us feel a bit uncertain about everything.

Use this time to go within, and access that wealth of wisdom that lives inside you. This inner world can become your compass during these strong, intense retrograde energies.

It’s not always easy or much accepted in today’s society, however, these strong retrograde energies are calling for us to prioritize stillness, patience, and non-action.

Spend some time journaling, meditation, or walking in nature to help calm the mind and enter the heart.

Pisces rules over the feet, so walking meditations will be a fantastic way to harness this Blue Moon energy. Even though retrogrades can create misunderstandings and mishaps, they can also enhance our intuition and psychic senses, so working with your innate gifts can come more easily and naturally at this time.

The Blue Moon and Retrograde energies are actually a gift to us, but we have to make the choice to embrace it and be willing to trust that our patience during this time will lead us in the right direction.

The Pisces Full Moon holds soft, sensitive vibrations that allow us to easily journey within and listen to our inner voice. Your dreams may become more prophetic, or you may notice the Universe sending you clearer signs more frequently.

There is definitely magic in the air under this Blue Moon, so stay open to what it may offer you, even while moving through the challenging moments.

A few days after this Blue Moon, Venus will finally go direct after being retrograde since mid-July. Venus retrograde is a powerful energy and often triggers issues surrounding relationships, money, self-worth, and values. If these themes have been popping up in your life since July, this Full Moon may help things reach a resolution. It’s likely that a relationship or money issue could be cleared to create more space for peace and balance in your life.

With Saturn also in retrograde under this Pisces Full Moon, our task is to look at responsibility. Saturn asks us to step up and take responsibility for our lives and whatever is troubling us; to accept what is and to get on with creating a solution by taking responsibility.

A Pisces Full Moon helps us to get in touch with our emotions and our sensitivities. It gives us the freedom to express and to channel that expression into something bigger than ourselves. This all may feel a bit overwhelming and tricky while in the midst of all these energies, however, this Pisces full moon offers us the opportunity to get in touch with our true selves, clear away all that is no longer serving, and create space for something more aligned and truly amazing.

There is soul transformation underway with this Pisces Blue Moon, both on a personal and collective level. We are moving through some important times and some extraordinary energetic frequencies.

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