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August Crystal of the Month: Jade

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Key Words: health, abundance

Jade is a name shared by two distinctly different minerals – Nephrite, a calcium magnesium silicate, and Jadeite, a sodium aluminum silicate.

The first Jade arrived in Europe from Mesoamerica, brought back by the conquistadors. During the seventeenth century, when Jade supplies from the Americas had diminished, Chinese carvings of similar-looking stone were labeled Nephrite, from Latin, and it was later discovered that these were different materials from the original American Jade. However, Burmese stones entering the marketplace in the mid-1800s were found to be the same as the original American Jade, and both were called Jadeite. Today, both Nephrite and Jadeite are traded as Jade.

Nephrite generally occurs in three colors – white, deep green, and creamy brown. Jadeite can be leafy green, blue-green, emerald green, lavender, greenish black, deep emerald green, or black.

The toughness of Jade made it a favored stone for the tools of primitive people and was used to make axes, clubs, knives, and various other weapons. In later cultures, it was valued for its beauty.

In China, Jade is a highly esteemed stone. For centuries it was believed to strengthen the body during life and protect one after death. Jade and Jadeite are still prized for their healing and protective properties, but new aspects of their spiritual energies have also been discovered.

Green Jade is a stone for healing the heart and a classic abundance stone. The energies are so strong and steady, that you feel a flow of well-being and balance almost immediately upon working with it. This is a good stone to wear or have by your bed while you sleep as it creates a harmonious and nourishing vibration.

It fosters wholesome and steady growth of our chi or life-force energies. It’s a great stone to wear or have with you when you are hiking, gardening, or just relaxing outdoors, as it draws upon the Earth’s life force and imbues our aura with that same energy. And if you can’t be outdoors, Green Jade can bring the energies of Earth and Nature into your home, or any environment where it's located.

Green Jade aids in emotional and physical healing. It attracts abundance and prosperity and can broadcast peace and loving-kindness to all who come into contact with it or are around it.

It’s an Earth element stone, that promotes the flow of money, fertility, and abundance in your life. And it enhances harmony and happiness in business and family relationships.

Green Jade helps assist you in learning to enjoy physical life. It helps remind you to stop and smell the flowers, touch a loved one, and share your abundance with others. It helps heal scarcity-mindedness, fear of money, fear of poverty, greed, covetousness, and other symptoms of belief in money as a measure of worth.

Green Jade also stimulates the flow of energy through the physical body. As it dissolves blockages, it increases the body’s ability to absorb and utilize both energy and physical nourishment. It helps strengthen and soothe the nervous system and supports in detoxification and regeneration of tissues after trauma or surgery.

Keep this beautiful crystal near you or somewhere in your home or office where you will see it often.

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