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July Crystal of the Month: Aragonite Star Clusters

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Key Words: balancing energy fields; emotional healing; renewed strength and confidence

Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral that occurs in various colors, including white, gray, reddish, yellow-green, and blue. Aragonite is found in cluster formations in marine and freshwater environments, usually in Spain or Morocco. Star clusters are made of small barrel-shaped crystals emerging from their center. The most popular varieties of Aragonite are the reddish Aragonite Star Clusters found in Morocco and the blue Aragonite which come out of China. Other Aragonites occur in Italy, Greece, Austria, England, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, and the USA.

This powerful stone helps in healing and balancing the emotional body. Aragonite is connected to Earth energy so working with and using this stone can help you to feel more grounded and centered. It can help you maintain a feeling of serenity in stressful times. And wearing an Aragonite Star Cluster can enhance the feeling of emotional strength and confidence, allowing you to become a ‘human star’ emanating love, light, and compassion for others. Aragonite is sometime's referred to as the Conservationists Stone because of its ability to also encourage deep concern and love for Mother Earth within people.

The energy of Aragonite Star Clusters is both soothing and energizing at once. Its vibration immediately spreads throughout the body – clearing, cleansing, and balancing all of the energy centers and levels of the aura. The web of energy this crystal casts over the aura, allows one to feel a sense of peace and release as the energy stimulates the healing of past wounds or energetic blockages.

The Aragonite Star Cluster blends the energies of all five elements, creating a sense of balance and completion. When used in healing, it can be placed on each of the chakras progressively allowing for a gentle opening and release of blockages within the chakras.

Used as a meditation tool, it can help facilitate connection with higher states of consciousness.

Aragonite Star Clusters facilitate the clearing and activating of the auric field, chakras, and meridians; they can assist you in exploring the higher realms, and they encourage the expression of one’s energy through words, the arts, or other communication channels.

Aragonite Star Clusters assist in emotional growth and self-healing. They help us to understand that love is the key to everything and to realign with that frequency. Aragonite Star Clusters are wonderful tools for helping to release pain and fear and bringing more love into the world.

Aragonites stimulate the body’s energy systems, increasing vitality and stamina. They are also helpful in grounding light energy into the densest aspects of our physical body – our bones. And they can be used to help in healing broken bones too.

If you subscribe to the idea that crystals require clearing from time to time, then weekly clearings are recommended by some for this crystal, either by holding the crystal under running water or with sage smoke – especially if the crystal is being used for healing work on yourself or others.

Overall Uses for Aragonite Clusters:

  • Grounding

  • Acceptance

  • Emotional balance and stability

  • To relieve stress

  • To soothe anxiety

  • Lessen resentment

  • Concentration

  • Patience

Here are a few ways you can utilize an Aragonite Star Cluster in your everyday life:

  • Meditate with a one

  • Do a 20-minute Self-healing Chakra Balance

    • Play your favorite Charka clearing music

    • Place the Aragonite Star Cluster on your Root Chakra and leave it there for 2-3 minutes

    • Then place it on your Sacral Charka for 2-3 minutes

    • Continue in this way for each chakra, ending with the Crown charka.

  • Keep an Aragonite Star Cluster on your desk or near where you work to help with concentration.

  • When you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, hold your Aragonite Star Cluster until you start to feel yourself become calm, relaxed, and balanced.

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