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Oracle Energetic Theme for April

Updated: May 2, 2023

The theme/message for the month of April is to allow yourself to experience joy! Be adventurous, take the leap, and let go of your worries!

Card: Mookaite Jasper

Deck: Crystal Spirits by Collette Baron Reid

Essential Meaning: Risk, adventure, new experiences, exploring unknown territory, claiming personal power

The seemingly safe road is not one to take right now, for your soul is on a path of healing and wants you to experience fulfillment and joy. Mookaite Jasper Spirit is here to tell you that life is meant to be lived, so be adventurous now. Do not hold back to protect yourself from getting hurt, for this crystal has appeared to encourage you to take the leap, take the risk – and draw confidence from knowing you have the Conscious Universe as your ally. Let go of your worries and your old beliefs about the dragons that await you if you dare to step out into the unknown. Risk-taking is required now, and you are fully supported in saying no to playing it safe. Mookaite Jasper Spirit’s message is that the adventure before you is one of discovery, and wonderous gifts await you: new ideas, new partners, new experiences, and new possibilities for achieving what you desire. Be bold and venture forth!

Relationship Message:

All relationships evolve. By healing old patterns that may have blocked you from experiencing relationships as deeply nourishing and joy-giving, you are also evolving. Do not look at the old maps of where you have been or talk about how things will always be the way they were in the past. The future is full of possibilities. Be here now, in the present moment, drawing in the power of Mookaite Jasper Spirit to amplify your adventurous spirit. You are transforming at this moment, becoming the person you need to be to have the relationship you desire. You are called to banish fear as you sail forth into unfamiliar seas. You can trust yourself now, for you have learned so much.

Prosperity Message:

Adventure beckons, so unfurl your sails and let yourself venture forth. Mookaite Jasper Spirit assures you that the risks you are tempted to take right now are calculated ones, for you are willing to have the Conscious Universe as your co-pilot. Mindfully enter into the unfamiliar territory of a healthy, balanced, relationship with money and abundance – or into playing the odds when you have been taught to always play it safe. You are being asked to let go of the fear that has held you back too long and instead work with the Conscious Universe, whose plan is to give you a firm foundation of abundance.

Crystal Spirit Meditaiton:

Mookaite Jasper assists us in deepening our understanding and healing old wounds by allowing us to “re-view” our experiences from a new perspective. This allows “re-vision” of our old stories and helps us recognize that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know at the time. This is an excellent stone to bring light and healing to the darkness of wounds.


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