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Moon Phases of July 2023

Full Moon

July 3: Capricorn Full Moon occurs at 7:39 am EDT

This Capricorn moon brings both challenges and rewards. The universe is encouraging us to do the hard things but at the same time promising we will be rewarded if we do. This is the perfect time to find the discipline we need to achieve our goals and dreams.

No doubt it can be uncomfortable to confront the things that are no longer working for or supporting us, as it requires us to take ownership of the situations we find ourselves in. However, when we address the role we have been playing, we can find the courage needed to change things and get our lives back on track and closer to where we wanted to be in the first place.

Use the energies of this full moon wisely - allow it to guide you to overcome obstacles, face challenges and reach the stars!

Directly following the Capricorn Full Moon, the Sun aligns with the star Sirius, considered our Spiritual Sun. This cosmic alignment unlocks portals of higher frequency energies which will be magnified due to the energy of the full moon. It seems the universe is not only asking us to face challenges but also showing us that we are being supported by the universe to raise our vibration, honor our higher selves, and remember that together with Spirit we can handle anything.

New Moon

July 17: Cancer New Moon occurs at 2:31 pm EDT.

New Moons signal new beginnings, and this New Moon in Cancer brings its warm nurturing energy into being. The themes of this new moon are home, family, and financial security. Take it up a notch with the self-care this month and practice saying 'no' when you are already spent and exhausted. Take time to clear negativity from your space - energetically and physically. You may find yourself being called to declutter and Feng Shui your spaces.

Check out our New Moon Ritual blog article for all the ways you can honor this new moon!




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